LTD "kvadrat"

Frequently asked questions

We count and write everything to you !!! Both quantities and prices: materials, auxiliary materials, transportation costs, materials disposal / delivery costs, exact volume of crafts and their prices, intermediate cleaning, construction waste disposal / disposal costs, all costs that may arise from the start of repairs to your specific facility. Before completion. Also, you write the sequence of works in the order in which they should be performed in the correct sequence.

We do not repair, we only count !!! Recall, our count is credible precisely because we do not repair and we are not interested

The cost of calculating the cost is 1 sq.m. - 4 GEL, for example 100 sq.m. apartment 400 GEL, which can be lost at many stages due to lack of knowledge, both when purchasing materials and calculating the amount of crafts

We need a measurement drawing and your just 20-25 minute special survey. As for what quality materials, from which stores, etc. Explain and formulate it during that very survey

Yes, you can. Moreover, we cooperate with banks and, if necessary, they refer clients to us